Installation & Assembly Services

Bespoke Delivery and Installation

At A2S Fitness, we're committed to offering you a seamless experience, right from purchase to the final setup. That's why we provide tailored delivery and installation services through our trusted partner brands.

Charges and Quotes

Additional Fees: Be aware that these services come with additional charges, which are separate from the product price.

Variable Costs: Charges may vary based on the product type and the specifics of the installation.

Accurate Quotations: To get a precise quote, simply email our installation support team at with your order details. We will get back to you within 24h requesting for specific information to help determine a quote. Once your order is confirmed, our team will contact you with detailed information and pricing.

    Requesting Installation Services

    During/Post Checkout: Indicate your need for installation services by contacting our support team at with your order details or interested item of purchase. We will get back to you within 24h requesting for specific information about your order to help determine a quote.

    Post-Purchase Inquiry: If you've already completed your purchase, don't worry. You can still request installation services. Just email us at with your order details and information about your delivery location (e.g., floor number, doorway dimensions, availability of a service lift, etc.). We'll get back to you with an estimated quote.

    Please note: We cannot guarantee that your product will be delivered and that an engineer will visit your location to assemble the product on the same day. Availability for such services may vary.

      Estimated Costs

      Please note: The following estimates are for reference only and may vary significantly based on your delivery details and the nature of the product. These prices are in addition to the cost of the product and are not confirmed until our A2S Fitness support team provides a final quote.

      • 1 Product (1 Luton Van with Installation Team): Estimated at £400
      • 2 Products (1 Luton Van with Installation Team): Estimated at £500
      • 3 Products (1 Luton Van with Installation Team): Estimated at £600
      • Full Installation Team with an Artic Lorry (5+ Products): Estimated at £2,000

      Our Commitment

      Your satisfaction is our priority. Whether it's a query before purchase or a request after, our team is here to ensure your fitness equipment is set up perfectly, ready for your fitness journey.