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JORDAN Dual Adjustable Pulley - Black/Grey

JORDAN Dual Adjustable Pulley - Black/Grey

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Transform your fitness journey and maximise your gym space with JORDAN's Dual Adjustable Pulley! This innovative equipment revolutionises your workout experience by seamlessly integrating multiple exercise functions into one sleek, space-saving design.

Elevate your strength and power to new heights with the versatility and efficiency of this machine. Ideal for engaging a diverse range of muscle groups effortlessly, it's time to bid farewell to bulky, space-consuming equipment. Embrace the convenience and dynamic performance of the Dual Adjustable Pulley, and witness a remarkable transformation in your workout routine!

Add a set of 15 Cable Attachments to your order now!

Cable attachment set and storage rack also sold separately. 

  • Offers an impressive range of exercises for upper body and lower torso, such as chest flyes, lat pull-downs, tricep extensions, and more.
  • Two 100 kg weight stacks with incremental 5 kg weights, clearly marked in kg/lbs.
  • User-friendly instructional sign showing targeted muscles.
  • Adjustable-height pulleys.
  • Versatile multi-grip pull-up bar.
  • Convenient storage hooks for unused handles.
  • Ultra-smooth magnetic weight pin selector.
  • 38mm ribbed rubber handles with aluminium ends.
  • Robust high-impact feet.
  • Concealable floor fixing points.
  • Lifetime warranty on the main frame.
  • Premium powder-coated finish.
  • SIZE: L 1153mm W 1659mm H 2332mm
  • Made In The UK, Certification: EN957 / EN ISO 20957
  • User assembly required
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